Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Science in a Van!

We were lucky enough to have the amazing Science in a van people come to our school.
They taught us all about the periodic table and the 3 different states of matter. They performed some amazing experiments, exploding cans and clouds. It got us all pumped for experimenting ourselves.  Here are a few photos!


As our focus is kitchen science this term we have been looking at all the different ways we can change states of matter. First we looked at boiling vinegar, juice and coke to see what would happen. We were surprised to see that the vinegar boiled the quickest.

This week we looked at melting. We decided to pose the question of which on would melt first between yogurt, coke and water. Students create their own hypothesis of which one they thought and why. Lots of people thought the yogurt would as it is thicker.

We then timed the experiment. The ice cubes took 15 minutes to melt, the coke was not fair behind and we observed that the yogurt became softer but did not melt. After an hour the yogurt had a water residue around it.

Thursday, 26 September 2019

Buddy Time

Room 11's buddy class is Room 2. This year so far we have done reading, art, hopscotch, Kahoots (making and playing) and lots of games together. Here are a few photos of Room 11 and 2 enjoying each other's company.

Wednesday, 18 September 2019


The fantastic movie by Milana, Sofiyyah, Divya, Zebiba, Mele, Doris and Vivian.

Jeff the Pigeons Revenge

The fantastic movie by Zach, Kevin, Sean, Sofia, Pari and Clea.

Private Policy at Primary!

Here is the fantastic movie created by Zuhair, Matthew, Kevin, Murad, Vardaan and Luka.

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Scooter Safety Lesson

Today, we took part in a scooter safety session. We talked about how to wear our helmets correctly, then practiced riding around a circuit.

Kevin - I learnt how to do the safety stop. I improved my wheelies.
Xavier - I learnt how to do emergency stops.
Ben - I knew that you needed to get off your scooter and walk across the crossing.
Ayaan - You don't need to jump too high or you might fall. You need to use control.